I am committed to develop with you a sparkling partnership that is based on shared values:



Flexible, I implement agile solutions and adapt as your project evolves, as there is no point in providing strategic inputs if the implementation is not feasible 



Resilience is part of my DNA. This is a good thing as pricing and market access are all about having the spirit of a marathon runner rather than a sprinter



I take life sciences and access seriously, while not being afraid of injecting fun, lightness and positive energy into my collaborations



I strongly believe collaborations are smoother and results go further with a touch of kindness. I dare to care about my clients and their projects



What you see is what you get! Working with me means no non-sense, no hidden costs, no junior analysts doing the work and no high maintenance egos



My motto: historical clients come first, trust and transparency are a given, and loyalty to your objectives is a must



Want to know more about AccessMinds? Contact me at [email protected]