You are a senior leader recognised in P&MA, a GM or a BUD working in pharma, biotech, healthtech or life science consulting. I can support you by bringing to your organisation:


When activities outside your usual remit require external expertise, I am the specialist at your side who shares eperience and brings added competencies to ensure your projects go the extra miles.

During our partnership, I’ll ensure you acquire new expertise & skills, develop connections & network, solve problems quicker & test innovative ideas.


When a temporary increase in workload stretches your team beyond the limits, I am the flexible ally at your side who steps quickly into your projects, handles extra workload and facilitates collaborations.

During our partnership, I’ll ensure you secure business continuity, overlook no project, avoid backlog, and preserve your team resources.


When your schedule forces you to be everywhere, impacting your career, I am the discreet right-hand woman at your side who delivers all operational support you wish to delegate and helps you free up time.

During our partnership, I’ll ensure you focus on projects that increase your strategic influence, and have more time to make your team shine.

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